Syllabus and Materials

Hello all, hope the break was refreshing for you guys, and you’re ready to start our Spring term. I have posted the syllabus as well as material for our first (or second) class. Attached is our term list of vocabulary, idioms, and worksheets for our class. You may print these as you see necessary. However, please read the attached articles, watch the video clips, and print the syllabus for next class session.

To begin, we will have a conversation about the value and role of education in society today. In preparation for this you will read the following article and watch the clips. We will be discussing:

  • Does formal education kill creativity and if so, how?
  • How can education be adequate for the 21st global century?
  • In your opinion, what skills should students know and understand for today’s global marketplace?

Print and Read the following article:

Watch this famous clip from the film, tHe Dead Poets Society:

And this highly impassioned music video:

Are central question you must come prepared to discuss is:

What is the value of education?


Syllabus Y1 UW Mott Spring

50 Phrasal Verbs

Presentation Rubric Mott

Self Evaluation Worksheet Mott

Mott Prospective Lesson Plan

Peer Review Worksheet Mott

List of English Idioms


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