Assignment #9: In Class

Hi all, just to clarify, the lessons for this week will take place in class, and will serve as a continuation from last the listening assignment last week. We will do a part II, and some groups will finish the David Sedaris Clip and write a short comparison about these segments.

Your responsibility is simply to bring the articles from last week to class, as well as whatever notes you took on the listening segment “Santaland Diaries” in preparation for this week. Your assignments at this point should consist of in class work for this week, and our scheduled programming otherwise till be to finish our listening activities.

Other Stuff:

All journals should now be in, if I don’t have your journal by tomorrow I don’t want it! Again, deadline for this work is THIS WEEK, and it will still count as late. Otherwise, if you e-mailed me a journal I will confirm I received it today. On a positive note, the journals I have read thus far look good, and show some really nice insight! See you all tomorrow!


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