Assignment #7


Assignment #7:

To continue our discussion on criminality, we WERE going to work towards answering the essential questions of this unit, posted during the previous week. But then I realized it was Thanksgiving! So, for the moment, we are going to move towards something a bit lighter, as well as give you space to complete your journals with thoughtful responses. Let’s take a quick pause in this conversation about criminality and innate behaviors to celebrate/ discuss the American tradition of Thanksgiving, which is taking place next week. Thanksgiving is a time when Americans celebrate well…all of the things we are thankful for…friends, family, food and football. However, just like most things in America, there are several paradoxes that exist within this holiday. Those paradoxes are what we will be discussing this week.

In short, Thanksgiving is a tradition based on the first Pilgrims to come to America, and their peaceful feast with Native Americans. For this week, I want you to click on the link to the History Channel below. There are about ten different very short video clips, watch a few of them, whichever interests you, they’re 1-2 minutes each, and prepare to come to class qualified to tell your classmates least two facts/traditions about Thanksgiving. This way, you are learning some things on your own and exchanging information with your peers.

Please read and print this article as well, it takes you through a kind of crash course in Thanksgiving.

Here are some facts that may prove useful for points of discussion in class as well, and some pictures you might find amusing:

For our deeper analysis, please read and print this article:

Draft 3-4 discussion questions as well, based on ALL of the information you have for this week. These questions should be on a separate sheet of paper, as I will collect them and grade them for analysis, and comprehension of the article.


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