Assignment #4

Change up! Since you have done quite a bit of writing already, I’ve decided we will change our objective for this week. Instead of writing an essay, of which I have a fairly decent idea of your ability to do, you will complete a group project in class. The project should demonstrate your ability to read, write, and synthesize the information we have discussed thus far. It should also show me that you are comfortable collaborating with your classmates (in English) and developing new ideas and information.

Collaboration is a 21st century skill which you will need to become comfortable with for success in the workplace or in academia in the future. Before class, print either this post, or write down which project idea you would like to work on, the requirements, and who you will work with. I will check for this at the beginning of class before we begin. Do not come with prepared materials, besides what is in your brain.

You will submit one paper per group, with all names of group members on top. Groups should consist of no more than 2-3 people. You will be expected to use four of your vocabulary words in this assignment, and even though this is a creative project you will be graded on the quality of your writing as well. For the class block, you will be expected to do the following:

Mid-Semester Project:

For the past few weeks we have talked through all the ways in which technology disables or enables our ability to communicate with each other, and both the positive and negative sides of our access to information, social media, and each other.

Act Out:

Stage a One-Act Play showing a situation where someone encounters a problem, situation, etc. where technology RUINS EVERYTHING. Write a one-act play where the characters have an issue involving lack of communication, dependency on technology, or really anything that has to do with what we’ve been discussing in class. Your play should consist of a minimum of 15 exchanges between characters.


(Scene opens in classroom, Ms. Mott stands in front of the class and waves samurai sword at student)

Ms. Mott: You’ve already been absent twice and now have two zeroes for the presentation, and the diagnostic essay. You know that means you can’t be absent again if you want to pass the class, especially not on November 3rd or 5th in which you will have an in-class project that you can’t make up unless you bring a note from the doctor, or the president? And even then, you will have to complete it alone so twice the work.

Bad Student: Yes, Faithful Leader, I will not act irresponsibly and miss class for no reason.

*Extra points for performing it in class. One more time, EXTRA POINTS. FOR FREE. FOR JUST SAYING WORDS YOU HAVE ALREADY WRITTEN ON PAPER.

Dear Debbie:

In America, sometimes people anonymously write to advice columns in newspapers to get advice about a specific problem in their relationships, friendships, or family. Then, the all-knowing, omniscient being on the other side responds with prolific, life changing advice. Write a letter to a newspaper detailing a problem you (or a “friend”) are having with technology. (ex. my boy/girlfriend is on the computer/cell phone all the time! My sister would rather Skype with me even though we live in the same house!) Okay, those are a bit silly but you get the point.

The letter should be about 300 words, and be creative. It should be relevant to the problems we discuss in class. Then, write a response voicing your own opinion. The response should also be 300 words and incorporate what we have learned and discussed in class as a kind of synthesis between information in our articles/clips, and your own opinion.

I Want to Work Alone Option:

Slam poetry is an artistic medium which is part poetry, part performance, and part political. Often times slam poets are didactic, impassioned readers who move the audience with the power of their delivery. Since we’re just starting out, the expectation for this option will be simply to write a slam poem about technology and social media and for extra points perform it or read it aloud. For brain-fuel think of questions like; how does it make you mad/sad/angry/happy/frustrated? How do you feel more or less connected to your community? What are the long-term ramifications of a societal dependence on technology?

For inspiration watch the following video:

Or this:

In your poem, include at least 3-4 vocabulary words and write between 1-2 pages, no less than 1. I am grading these for creativity, effort, and your ability to deliver a complete emotional message hinging on your own opinion and experience. Only the brave dare!

Advertising Plan:

Advertisements are EVERYWHERE. The bus stop, the subway, on television and in magazines, they are ubiquitous images that are meant to convey a specific idea, the idea that you should do as they say. Maybe you should go and buy a new jacket, or a fancy phone, maybe you should vote for a certain political party, or attend a new job training program, or quit smoking.

In your groups, develop an “ad-campaign” for a new initiative to get young people to consider technology. First, decide if your advertising firm is in support of technology, or against its overuse in daily life. Then, develop 3-4 slogans which you will use in the media to promote your campaign. Below is a picture and a link to a popular ad campaign used in the US in the 1980’s to get people to stop smoking, and taking drugs.

smoking kills

Together, come up with 4-5 catchy slogans that best capture the mission of your advertising campaign. Then, in a paragraph each, explain each slogan and justify its use. How will it work? Who will it target? What feelings will it bring up in people who see it? Make sure you properly explicate exactly why this slogan is meaningful, and will be effective. Good luck!!


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