Course Syllabus

Hello Everyone!

In case you missed it in class, this is our course blog. This will function as a way for me to get assignments to you, whether in the form of word files, video clips, links to pictures, or songs that we will analyze…really, whatever I decide we are going to go over! Please set up a schedule to regularly check this, however I will alert you as to when as assignment will be posted, and your responsibilities as far as printing it, or bringing it to class goes.

In lieu of copies or handouts, I will expect you to access the documents posted on here, print them, and bring them to class as specified. For now, your only printing responsibility will be the syllabus.

Please feel free to comment on this forum with any questions, comments, or things you think your peers would find interesting in general! Articles on international events, youtube clips of cute animals, or political commentary are all acceptable, just keep the tone of your post respectful, communicative, and educational. See you all next week!

for those who did not receive it, my e-mail address is

*Please note that all subjects, exams, quizzes and papers listed on the syllabus are subject to change based on the academic calendar, or the decision of the instructor.

Mott UW Syllabus Year 1


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